Family Hires Water Damage Chicago Company To Renovate Home While They Go Hunting

The beauty of this hunting business is not just found on the chance to always go on a hunting trip. More often than not, the beautiful hunting stories are those I get from the different people that I get the chance to teach and accompany when hunting.

Recently, I had the chance to serve as guide for a small family – a Jim, the dad, and his wife Liza and their son Jason. They live in Chicago and were just out to have some quality time and bond as a family.

What made me remember their story over the rest of the campers I had to tour that day, was the fact that it was not just their first time to go out hunting, but it was the first time that they are going out on an adventure as a family.

This made an impression on me because first, I was amazed that they chose hunting to be their first ever adventure together, despite the fact that this is quiet an extreme sport for beginners. The second thought that came across my mind was the question, “why have not they gone out on any other adventure before this day?”

The second thought was the one that really got to me so while out in the woods and preparing for camp, I took the chance to ask Jim about it.

He replied that they would not even be there if not for the fact that their home is being renovated because of a flooding incident in their home. Apparently, a pipe from their bathroom was leaking but they all ignored it, being so busy with their work and school. Then one day, the pipe just bursted and water gushed in like a flowing river. It was all over the house in minutes and nobody had any idea how to deal with the situation. Jason, the son, checked for solutions through his iPhone and came across a website that tackled MyWebPal – Water Damage Chicago issues.

There was also a suggestion on which trusted companies to call. Now, they are handling the issues and renovations so Jim decided to take his family out on a bonding adventure.

Despite the disaster that the water damage incident caused them, silver lining was, the family was able to bond, and I was more than happy that they decided to venture into hunting.

Rifle Scopes for Deer Hunting

Rifle Scopes for Deer Hunting


When you’re deep in the woods and you’re looking for that 14pt buck, you know that a precise shot is going to be the best way to get that deer. The more precise rifle scope you get, the better your chances are of getting that trophy buck. So, how do you know what scope is the best for deer hunting? Keep on reading and this article will tell you.



The one thing that is highly recommended is buying the best scope that you can possibly afford. If you cannot afford to buy a good scope, keep saving, gather enough money and buy it when you can afford it. If you buy whatever scope that you can afford, you are just going to waste your money and you won’t be dragging that buck out of the woods. You need a scope that is going to give you a clear vision of the deer. A good scope has good eye focus adjustments and a clear, precise eyepiece and front objective lens. You must also pick out a scope that has sharp cross-hairs to get that target exactly in your sight. The scope should also match the what the rifle is meant to achieve. If you have a rifle that is capable of shooting a target from beyond 300 yards, your scope should be capable of pinpointing that bullet on the target for that specific range. This is where the scopes are going to get expensive. If you have a rifle that is only capable of shooting a target at 100 yards, then your scope is not going to cost you as much since it does not need to be as high powered as a larger rifle.


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Buying a rifle scope is not as simple as walking into a store and just picking out the first one that you see. You should be walking around the store, comparing scopes, making sure it will match your target range, and if you are paying a good amount of money for one, make sure it is going to last you a long time and you aren’t going to need to buy another one in a year or so. If you are paying $1000 for a scope, you are going to want it to last at least a few years. You also want to make sure that you are matching the optics to the rifle, get it mounted the proper way, have it boresighted and try it out.

One of the recommended scopes according to some rifle scope ratings is the Burrls Veracity 2-10x-42mm. It has the best value, offers clear and distortion-free viewing and stop internal fogging. They are waterproof, resistant to shock, and can give you repeatable windage and elevation adjustments. This is the perfect rifle scope for those who are looking for a durable scope that is going to last them a while and aid in the kill of that perfect deer. There are many different scopes on the market, so doing a little research first is your best bet.

The Hunter, The Plumber, and my Treadmill

When you’re a hunter, you need to be physically fit in order to stay quiet and in a crouching position for long periods of time. And when I say long periods of time, that means hours and hours of just crouching there, waiting for the right time to shoot.

So whenever I have spare time, I always make it a point to work out. My brother, who is a plumber in Alabama, insisted that I should go to the gym. He often goes to the gym near the neighborhood, since plumbers need to be physically fit in order to lift heavy tools and objects, as well as crawl in tight spaces. I, however, don’t like the gym because they’re far too expensive.  So what I always do is rely on my trusty treadmill and exercise bike for burning unwanted calories.

Most people opt to go to the gym or a sports clinic if they want to lose weight and have fun with their workouts. However, if in case you are in a tight budget and do not have the funds to go to a nearby gymnasium in order to work out, your best option would be to exercise and workout at home or indoors. Being the case, your first option would be to purchase an exercise bike or a treadmill. If your budget allows, you can even buy both of these exercise machines if you really want to lose weight seriously.

How much does it costs to own an exercise bike or a treadmill? That pretty much depends on the features and the model of the exercise machine that you wish to buy. However, I would prefer getting the model that has features that are useful for your workouts. Don’t get an exercise machine just because it looks really cool or good; get an exercise machine because it will help you in losing weight!

Getting fit while staying indoors is possible. With your treadmill or exercise bike, you can set up a schedule for working out. A good time would be early morning, which is just before breakfast, and then late afternoon. The schedules are actually perfect because when you exercise before breakfast, this means that you are working out and losing calories that are stored inside your body. This is the reason why some people, no matter how many exercises they try, do not lose weight; it is because they exercise and shed the present fat and calories, not the stored calories!

Never forget to do some warm-ups before the work out. This will help in giving your body enough time to prepare for the intensive work out. Not getting a warm up before the exercises will give you back aches and pains because of muscle soreness.